Google Takes Action against TikTok clone app Zynn
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Chinese video app Zynn has been removed from Google play store. Google received plagiarism reports about the app. It was like a clone of extremely popular Chinese video app TikTok.  Google took action against the app and removed it from Google’s Play Store.

Recently Wired reported that many famous TikTok users complained that Zynn uploaded their videos without consent. According to some popular TikTok users their accounts and profiles have been cloned completely.

Zynn also copied their profiles, names and content without consent. The app is not officially launched in US but it used US creators content.

For your information Zynn is the most downloaded app on IOS. The app was trending on the app store.

Zynn was launched on iOS and Android in early days of May. The app gained popularity pretty quickly. In just few days it was on the top of the download charts.  Zynn became the most downloaded free iOS app in just 20 days.

The app used stolen content to gain popularity.

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